Battle of Fort Awesome
Part of Oh-Yeah Song Dispute
Date See Big Time Songwriters
Location Studio A, Rocque Records
Result Both win
  • "Oh" and "Yeah" songs merge
  • The "Oh Yeah" song recorded
  • BTR groups again
Carlos-Kendall Alliance James-Logan Alliance





Band Members (3)

Casualties and losses
Both hurt Both hurt
Rocque Records is nearly destroyed

The Attack on Fort Awesome was seen in the episode Big Time Songwriters. When the boys' want to write a song, they ask Katie to get Gustavo away. While doing that, they get into an argument and split up.

Kendall and Carlos think the "Oh" song is better while Logan and James think the "Yeah" song is better.

Preceding EventsEdit

In the beginning, Kendall and Carlos got Gustavo's office while James & Logan got Studio A (Fort Awesome) and Studio B. Realizing that they cannot record the song without a studio, Kendall & Carlos charge through "No-Man's Land" with symbals as their defense. They manage to get through even though James & Logan were firing drumsticks at them. They then come up with the "Oh" song and James & Logan come up with the "Yeah" song.

After making the song, Logan & James call up the band to record it.


After realizing that James & Logan were winning, they attack with tinfoil hats and metal poles & sticks. Logan & James put up a defense as the band members back away. One band member hit into Carlos before continuing on to the sidelines out of the battle.


The battle continues as Logan & James defend themselves with a microphone and a microphone stand. Even though caught by total surprise, James & Logan are able to continue fighting...and winning.

Eventually, the battle gets dragged into the actual recording studio, where they continue to fight until Kelly comse in and breaks it up.


The song merges to create the "Oh Yeah" song and becomes a hit. Gustavo returns and they record it.