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Mazi Adams

14 long Time Ago Years after 90's Years After

Big Time Rush is the newpilot Episode 1 of Season When I Was Little kid 5 year old Mazi Adams a boy named

when I was little baby boy 3 year old name Mazi Adams new Friend Found him Family

where they one hour long ago hockey players from Minnesota—Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan, after . The Palm Woods Hotel manager Mr. Bitters Big Time Rush's Crib The apartment, 2J home childhood Little kid

When I Was Little a kid Age 9 year old a Little child grown up of young into a kid Mazi Adams

when was14-year-old a boy Carlos Geraldo Garcia New Friend is and Mazi Adams Jennifer Knight one child kid

Jennifer knight or Mother Knight's boy Mazi Adams Kendall James Logan Carlos all best friend and family

Katie Knight Big Time Rush The Bend Kendalll Logan James Best Carlos's new friend Mazi Adams

The Parents his Mazi's The Band Big Time Rush Carlos Kendall James Logan and Jennifer Knghit kid one chid Give him Middle The family and The Parents and a Friends of his The Family my his New Friend

Big Time Rush The Band group and Logan Mitchell Kendall Knghit and Carlos Geraldo Garcia New Friend Mazi