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Carlos and Stephanie

Carlos and Stephanie were presumed to be a couple, but Shephanie only appeared in 2 episodes, meaning the realationship was just being friends couple. Stephanie met the boys while she was using them in a horror movie in "Big Time Terror". Carlos thinks Stephanie is "hot" and Stephanie seems to be pretty fond of Carlos just by the way she acts around him she even asks him to the dance! Even though Stephanie is labeled as a recurring character she is not seen in any other episodes which is a mystery to fans, and we still wonder what has happened to her. Carlos even says he needs to get a girlfriend in the episode "Big Time concert" This probably wasn't a romantic intrest like the other 2 (Camille & Logan plus Kendall and Jo) but more like being normal friends.

Carlos + Stephanie Moments.Edit

Big time Dance

  • Stephanie asks Carlos if he has a date for the dance, Carlos replies with "Stephanie you have no idea" and walks away.
  • Stephanie saves Carlos from being the the Jennifers multiple dates Stephanie doesn't seem to like it, she yanks Carlos's wig off and asks him to dance.
  • After Carlos gets saved by Stephanie he links arms with her and says "HOW HOT IS STEPHANIE?!"
  • Before the end credits if you keep an eye on Carlos, Stephanie is rocking out with her friends but then Carlos butts in, takes her hand and moves away to a little corner out of the crowd while holding punch in his hand.
  • When Carlos sings his solo for Stuck he sings "They would see your my girl" and he points to Stephanie dancing in the front row.

Big time Terror

  • Carlos believes there is a ghost at the Palmwoods, Logan and him go on to try and catch the ghost on Camera, while trying to spot the ghost Stephanie comes by and smiles at them Logan & Carlos say "New girl, Nice!"
  • When the Big Time Rush members have girls sitting with them, Carlos has Stephanie.

Interesting factsEdit

  • Carlos and Stephanie sit near eachother in class, as seen on Big time dance at the start.
  • Stephanie is played by Tristin Mays who is also a Character on the disney TV show Zeke & Luther she plays Monica Lopez. She also guest starred on "Everybody Hates Chris" in the episode, "Everybody Hates Homecoming".
  • Tristin Mays (Stephanie) was born on 10 June 1990, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA