Gustavo Rocque is a world-renowned record producer who auditions the boys in Minnesota and offers Kendall a chance to come to Hollywood with him, Kendall turning the tables around and convincing him to bring the others too. He hasn't had a hit

Stephen Kramer Glickman as Gustovo Roque

in nine years, and the boys were his ticket back to the top. He is cliche mean and always has a frown on his face while the boys are performing, even when he likes the song. "Big Time Crib," he states that "All talent, are dogs." Even so, when he tells them the song wasn't as good as he wanted it to be, they always manage to call his bluff. He has also been the butt of several fat jokes, such as when he cannonballed into the pool and washed everyone else away or when he sat on Logan for half an hour, crushing him into the couch. He can't stand James for some reason, stating that he reminds him of Matthew McConaughey, whom he hates. He hates McConaughey so much, he broke his mailbox as shown in, "Big Time Photo Shoot" He admits to liking the boys after dealing with an absolutely perfect boy band that he hated because they were so perfect. When the boys were house-sitting, he told them that he liked them after they wrecked the house, had Kendall's mom clean it up but not the statue, and Gustavo accidentally wrecks it. He often refers to the boys as "dogs" but in "Big Time Mansion" he calls them 'monkeys' but then, after Logan says "I thought we were dogs", he states, "You're monkey-dogs!" All of his hit songs all have the word "girl" in it, such as "Girl Time". His mansion has a fridge filled with pudding. He has all boy bands singing songs about girls. He is also shown to have exceeded blood pressure, as shown in Big Time Audtion, when he cause a 3.1 earthquake after being upset at Kendall. He does not eat pulled pork, as shown in "Big Time Mansion", after telling the perfect boy band to get him a pulled pork sandwich, and saying to Kelly, "I don't even eat pulled pork." So far Gustavo has landed a record deal, produced an album, recorded with Jordin Sparks and beat his all-time arch-nemesis Hawk, finally forcing him to admit to Kelly that the boys are his good luck charms.