Kelly Wainwright




Talent Scout

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Big Time Audition

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Portrayed by

Tanya Chisholm

Kelly Wainwright (Tanya Chisholm) is a talent scout and Gustavo's assistant. Her personality is a lot more mellow than her boss's, she is honest, polite, and very efficient. She has served mainly as moderator between Gustavo and Big Time Rush, keeping Gustavo's rage in check and simultaneously getting the boys to do what they have to do, avoiding the clash that would otherwise ensue. As stat

Tanya Chisholm as Kelly Wainwright

ed by Gustavo and everyone else, she is a horrible faker, liar, actress and was left out of the plan to get rid of Wayne-Wayne to guarantee their success. She is usually always with Gustavo, and seems to know him better than anyone else. After 6 months of working with the boys, she got him to admit that he does like them, even considering them his good luck charms.